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Dark Valleys

Study VII | ongoing

In our culture, mountains are the home of the unknown, remote and removed from ordinary life, surrounded by mysticism. Having been raised here, I've early become familiar with the Alpine folklore, which transmits in my photographic studies. I pursue the raw authenticity of this landscape, the eternal beauty of the mountains, which contrasts with the ephemeral nature of human existence and pain. Everyone who lives here sooner or later realizes one's mortality facing the dark valleys.











These series grew from a deep contemplation of the Alps, offering me a greater understanding of the mountains. The accumulation and movement of snow in this land is a perpetual condition. It is the land itself that manifests this passage of time. Once I could see the story of the Dark Valleys through my lens, my perceptions of the familiar landscape shifted.  I no longer perceived only the surface appearance of the mountain passes, but also the silent traces of the past.










Being a descended from a family of accomplished mountaineers, I added the artistic element to my grandfathers and fathers passion. Climbing the Alps not solely for sporting achievement, but to define the essence of the surroundings and to place my timeless subject in acontemporary realm using the medium of photography. The combination of mountaineering,  medium format film, and my perfectionism result in ameticulous and time-consuming process.



















The slightest reminders of wilderness may represent the predominance of nature over those who have been living here for generations. A white peak towering up from the haze transports the imagination hundreds of years back, to a milieu of the Romantics. The past still resides here; I can inhale it with my lungs. There is an unspoken tension between what is present in my photographs, and what cannot be seen or touched.