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Georgian mountains, wild, unknown and so fantasized about, they combine beauty and harshness of the old times.

The Caucasus Studies, my quest for distance, the absence of human presence but also for the imagery and beliefs related to its pursuit. These photographs are the result of long, extensive hikes when I let ideas flow freely inside my mind as I experience the world around me.

This project became mine response to the recurring tragedies of our days, the continuous drama that so many people are suffering, here in Georgia and allover the world. Although I feel this work to be a reaction to the pains of humanity, nothing in this project refers to the narrative of violence and war. The Caucasus Studies is my attempt to create an alternate world, one that our mind would find to be distant and unfamiliar, like a sequence of fragments delivering from a forgotten myth. In this context, I regard The Caucasus Studies to be an individual act of Romanticism, a hope that maybe an idealized humanless landscape can question the reality we live in, and open a passage towards a different future.